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Cid, the FF_Exchange Mod [userpic]

Details about the 2013 round are available here at ff_exchange. Sign-ups close in less than 24 hours. :)

Renay [userpic]

Details for the 2012 round are available here.

Renay [userpic]


digitalfragrance [userpic]

So I recently ran across this video featuring a Yuna cosplayer and thought that it was absolutely hilarious. Just spreading the laughs...

Renay [userpic]

Over at AO3, they're running the April Showers Challenge. For April 12th, Final Fantasy was featured (see the announcement here) to encourage Final Fantasy fans to come preserve our work. :D

It's not just for April 12th — you can upload your works on any day, at any time. You can also definitely upload works in other fandoms. AO3 welcomes all fannish creative history. \o/

Currently, Final Fantasy on AO3 has 2,548 works, so if you've been considering shifting your work over to have an archive of it, now's a great time to come out and represent the franchise. ♥

I have a few invites for the archive, as well. If you would like one, just PM me with your e-mail address. :)

Rαiη [userpic]

I finally finished FFX two days ago (for the first time)! Yes, I know they released that game a decade ago, but I'm usually late with this stuff. OTL. Besides, FFX never gets old, right? :') So anyway, I thought I'd share this vid. I made it myself, and I like how it turned out. So go watch! :D

Or you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWT-W1BgWPk

thisissaisai [userpic]

Follow this link to see the winners for this year's Genesis Awards Final Fantasy VII Fan Fiction Contest!

I would like to congratulate everyone on their fantastic stories-- it was a difficult year with so many great fics! We hope to see many more great stories when we open nominations up for another year of awarding!



thisissaisai [userpic]

Hey, guys!

I just wanted to tell you all that the Genesis Awards 2009-2010 Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction Short-Lists have been announced! 

I want to congratulate everyone whose fics were nominated, as well as those who have been shortlisted. You can find the list of all of the stories here



thisissaisai [userpic]

The Genesis Awards, which began as a fanfiction awards for Final Fantasy VII fiction that's a step above the rest, is now accepting nominations for FFX fic as well. I'm an admin over there and I am quite discouraged that there has been little Final Fantasy X fandom involved. Because of this, we have decided to once again try to garner more support-- we have extended the dates for FFX nominations until March 31st in hopes that the fandom will respond and nominate their favorite stories.

The Genesis Awards has specific criteria for nominated fic. After our nominations close for the year, our Preliminary Readers will go through and ascertain that the fics that are nominated adhere to the grammatical standards of either Great Britain or the United States. After they finish the Preliminary Reading, we will release our official list of nominees for the 2009-2010 awards season and our judges will begin the process of picking winners. Judges grade based on things like voice, dialog, correct punctuation and spelling, plot, coherence, consistency, originality, et cetera. 

If you know of any good FFX fic (X-2 is go, as well) that deserves an award, please go check out the Genesis Awards. You can visit our website at www.genesisawards.net or nominate on the forums, located at http://genesisawards.net/forums

Thank you,

Sai, Co-Admin, The Genesis Awards

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